Himalaya Handels AB is a family-owned company that is passionate about the food that we sell. We aim to offer the highest quality products in our chosen categories and to bring new and exciting products to market.

Himalaya Handels is the importer of an extensive range of quality products including many kinds of spices, rice, lentils, pickles, snacks etc.

Himalaya Handels began its operations in 1983 as Himalaya Livs, a popular specialized Asian food store in the inner city of Stockholm. Since then, the company’s product offerings have grown by leaps and bounds and have become the leading choice of thousands of satisfied Scandinavian customers. The company’s phenomenal growth saw it get recognized, when the company started to sell a wide range of food products to both retail and wholesale markets in Sweden.

Himalaya Handels commitment to quality products resulted in quick expansion by adding many new ethnic food products to its product range. As a result of this remarkable growth, Himalaya Handels introduced its own line of products under the brand name Himalaya Brand to the Scandinavian market. The first product introduced under the Himalaya Brand was high quality Basmati Rice, Himalaya Basmati Rice.

Himalaya Handels works closely with leading Asian manufacturers and distributors. We take pride in stating that all our products are processed strictly in conformity with the International Quality norms laid by HACCP (Hazard Analysis at Critical Control Points). This ensures a perfect machinery of checks at every step right from the raw material procurement stage till the product reaches the warehouse of the consumer.

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